Spring tuition assistance granted to 179 staffers

Thesis, dissertation hours now covered

Tuition assistance for the spring semester has been granted to 179 university staff members. The program is offered to university employees who have at least six months of full- or part-time employment at KU at the time the classes begin. The program provides tuition for one class of up to five credit hours.

Application guidelines can be found at the Human Resources and Equal Opportunity Website.

The program has been expanded to include KU thesis and dissertation hours on a limited basis. In some cases, faculty may be eligible for the program if they need to take a class for credit.

For more information, contact Mary Karten at 864-7346 or The application deadline for the summer 2011 semester is April 1. The deadline for fall 2011 is July 1.

Tuition assistance recipients and their departments are listed below.

Daniel Alam, Administration and Finance

Donald Allmon, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Steven Allton, Legal Services for Students

Christie Appelhanz, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Eada M. Arbab, Applied English Center

Heather Attig, University Relations

Matt Baker, Human Resources and Equal Opportunity

Nancy Baker, Information Services/Information Technology

Nicole Banman, Kansas Public Radio

Tammy Barta, Business Administration

Bradley Barton, Animal Care Unit

Rochelle Bass-Montgomery, Graduate Studies

Cynthia Beall, Higuchi Biosciences Center

Doug Bergstrom, Spencer Museum of Art

Rebecca Blocksome, Spencer Museum of Art

Rebecca Boguski, Applied English Center

Colleen Boley, Study Abroad

Boone Bradley, Center for Research on Learning

Michael Branden, Molecular Biosciences

Marisa Bregman, Lied Center

Larry Brow, Libraries-General

Keith Bryant, Recreation Services

Eric Buselt, CED-Marketing and Communications

Cristi Cain, Education Administration

Robert Carroll, University Advising Center

Annemarie Chilton, Higuchi Biosciences Center

Monica Claassen-Wilson, Libraries

Cathy Clark, Design and Construction Management

Stacy Cohen, Center for Research on Learning

Matthew Cook, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Elizabeth Crickard, Social Welfare

Mayumi Crider, Tertiary Oil Recovery Project

Rachel Crist, Applied English Center

Luke Daniels, FO - Carpenters

Cynthia Davis, Army ROTC

Lindsey Deaver, Mathematics

Mary Denning, Research and Graduate Studies

Erika Dickey, Libraries-General

Jeanne Disney, Center for Research on Learning

Carol DiVilbiss, Student Success-Vice Provost

Jeremy Early, Student Financial Aid

Heather Eastlund, Provost Office

Richard Edgington, Education Administration

Abby Ehling, Graduate Studies

Martha Elford, Center for Research on learning

Richard Evanhoe, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Melanie Farmer, Center for Research on Learning

Anne Flaherty, Student Success-Vice Provost

Brett Gerstenberger, Information Technology Services

Allison Gile, Academic and Achievement Access Center-Disability Resources

Rebecca Gillam, Education Administration

Michaela Coppedge Gillispie, Research and Graduate Studies

Kim Glover, Libraries-General

Charles Grady, Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute

Howard Graham, Athletics

Laura Green, ITTC Research Facility

Randi Hacker, Center for East Asian Languages

David Hageman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Winona Hansen, Student Health Services

Jana Craig Hare, Center for Research on Learning

Kathryn "Kellee" Harris, Education Administration

Troy Heidner, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Daniel Hellebust, CReSIS

Justin Henning, University Relations

Melody Henning, AAAC-Disability Resources

Matthew Herrera, Comptroller's Office

John Hindes, Continuing Education

Jason Holladay, FO Zone Maintenance

Lavonne Holmgren, Center for Research on Learning

Stephani Howarter, Education Administration

Kang-Yao Hsu, International Student and Scholar Services

Aaron Huerter, Applied English Center

Annette Wendy Huggins, Kansas Public Radio

Heidi Hulse, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Maud Humphrey, History of Art

Michelle Huslig-Lowrance, Economics

Catherine Jarzemkoski, Athletics

Tobin Jennings, Center for Research on Learning

Ross Johnson, Information Services/Information Technology

Anne Madden Johnson, Business Administration

Corinna Johnson, Linguistics

David Johnson, Bioinformatics

Jessica Lea Johnson, Spencer Museum of Art

Jody Johnson, University Advising Center

Sarah Kanning, Libraries-General

Jesse Kaufman, Education Administration

Sabrina Keidel, FO Management Information

Kevin Kenn, Comptroller's Office

Emily Kennedy, Institute for Policy and Social Research

Paul Klute, Institutional Research and Planning

Stephen Koranda, KANU Radio

Elisa Krapcha, Admissions

Jennie Landrum, Parking and Transit

Linda LaPierre, Education Administration

Kirk Larson, Environment, Health and Safety

Melody Lawrence, Education Administration

Amy Leyerzapf, Athletics

Katherine Logan, Public Administration

Feloniz Lovato-Winston, Audio Reader

Benjamin Lowe, FO Landscape Maintenance

Malika Lyon, International Programs

Teresa MacDonald, Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Institute

Nancy Mahaney, Spencer Museum of Art

Margaret Mahoney, Dole Institute of Politics

Rebecca Markley, Admissions

Diana Marrs, Edwards Campus

Paris Kay Matthews, Psychology

Daniel McCarthy, University Advising Center

Katie McClintic, Applied English Center

Joanna McCloud, Social Welfare

Debbie McCord, Social Welfare

Lauren McEnaney, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Lucy McGilley, Engineering Administration

Andrea McGranahan, Information Services/Information Technology

Vincent McKamie, Athletics

Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art

Peggy Miksch, Bureau of Child Research

Julie Morris, Bureau of Child Research

Parveen Mozaffar, Engineering Management

Rachel Myslivy, Center for Research on Learning

Eric Nicholson, Facilities Operations

Doug Nickel, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Deana Olsen, International Student and Scholar Services

Whitney Onasch, Institute for Policy and Social Research

Yue Pan, East Asian Languages

Anna Paradis, Engineering Administration

William Parrott IV, Information Technology Services

Jacquelyn Pedigo, Engineering Administration

Sean Pitzer, Student Financial Aid

Precious Porras, Multicultural Affairs

Michael Prittie, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Martha Proctor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Mahesh Raja Rajannan, Education Administration

Dara Raney, Admissions

Laura Riggs, Public Safety Office

John Rinnert, Instructional Development and Support

Nicole Roberts, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kathy Rose-Mockry, Student Involvement and Leadership Center

Amber Rowland, Center for Research on Learning

Leigh Rysko, Spanish and Portuguese

Jessica Sand, Higuchi Biosciences Center

Ken Sarber, Student Health Services Administration

Leslie Schmille, Bureau of Child Research

Kelcey Schmitz, Bureau of Child Research

Jeff Severin, Center for Sustainability

Tamara Sigley, Social Welfare

Amy Smith, Graduate Studies

Leatrice Smith, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Rachel Sorrels, Student Health Services

Patricia Soucy, Engineering Management

Kim Spencer, Lied Center

William Steele, Graduate Studies

Amanda Sterling, Graduate Studies

Mary Strickell, Psychology

Erika Suarez, Social Welfare

Gregory Swart, Comptroller's Office

Maria Swinger-Inskeep, Bioinformatics

Diane E. Taveggia, Applied English Center

Tristan Telander, Spencer Museum of Art

Jean Thoma, Athletics

Gail Tiemann, Education Administration

Paul Trana, Education Administration

Savanna Trent, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sarah Trew, Athletics

Altaf Uddin, Law Administration

Sandra Urish, Pharmacy Practice

Susan (Lynne) Vanahill, International Student and Scholar Services

Leslie VonHolten, Center for East Asian Studies

Michael Shawn Wade, Libraries-General

Patricia Wakolee, University Advising Center

Tatyana Wilds, Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

Cathleen Wilkinson, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Sarah Williams, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Joshua Jack Williamson, Athletics

Sheree Willis, Confucius Institute

Erin Wolfram, University Career Center

Celeste Morgan Yaluk, International Programs

Kristin Zachrel, Libraries - General

Xiaobin Zuo, Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis

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Carey Novak, director of business relations and development, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies
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