Faculty sabbaticals approved

The following faculty members have been approved for sabbatical leaves during the 2011-12 academic year. The Kansas Board of Regents made the approvals. They are listed below by semester or academic year, topic and location.

• Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, associate professor of theatre and women, gender and sexuality studies; fall semester; write three chapters of a book manuscript on Efua Sutherland that explores her contributions to theatre studies and theories of performances in Africa and the Diaspora; Lawrence.

• Vincent Barker III, associate professor of business; fall semester; work on two related research projects developing new perspectives in the large-scale organizational change literature; Lawrence.

• Michael Baskett; associate professor of film and media studies, fall semester; conduct research for a manuscript on the cultural history of the Japanese film industry during the Cold War; Cambridge, United Kingdom.

• Henry Bial, associate professor of theatre; fall semester; generate a draft of a book, “Playing God,” that is a study of 122 Broadway theatre productions that have been based explicitly on narratives from The Bible; Lawrence; New York City.

• Sharon Billings, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology; fall semester; develop geochemical indicators to assess forest responses to climate change and develop a synthesis paper promoting the use of geochemical indictors to explore Earth responses to anthropogenic climate change; Newfoundland, Canada.

• Hannah Britton, associate professor of political science; spring semester; examine strategies to combat gender-based violence in South Africa and extend the literature on gender-based violence policy implementation and feminist engagement with the state in a new context: democratizing, post-conflict states; Lawrence; South Africa.

• Byron Caminero-Santangelo, associate professor of English, fall semester; conduct research on Nigerian writing from 1960 to the present for a book project, “Shifting the Center: A Tradition of Environmental Literary Discourse from Africa;” Lawrence.

• Michael Crawford, professor of anthropology, fall semester; compile and analyze interdisciplinary data collected on field expeditions to the Aleutian Island populations from 1999 to 2006; Lawrence; Alaska.

• Ann Cudd; professor of philosophy, fall semester; write or review four chapters of a book on the normative concept of intervention that examines the paradox of intervention; Lawrence.

• Gregory Cushman, assistant professor of history, spring semester; complete research and writing of chapters 2-4 of a book-length study of the historical relationship between climate science and colonialism in the Western Hemisphere; Lawrence.

• Michael Detamore, associate professor of chemical engineering, fall semester; collaborate with faculty and students at NUI Galway to build a scaffolding biomaterial to ultimately be used for TMJ tissue regeneration; Galway, Ireland.

• Johannes Feddema, professor of geography, academic year; conduct research at the National Center for Atmospheric Research on the sensitivity of Community Earth System model/Community Climate System model to land cover change; Colorado.

• Alison Gabriele, assistant professor of linguistics, fall semester; build on previous research that investigates how second language learners establish connections between form and meaning; Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan; New York City.

• Sivaprasad Gogineni, professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and director, CReSIS, academic year, conduct interdisciplinary research on the analysis and interpretation of radar data to determine bed conditions and the correlation of radar data with the NEEM deep ice core; Copenhagen, Denmark.

• James Guthrie, professor of business, spring semester; examine the impact of various indices of “employment volatility” on customer satisfaction and firm performance; Auckland, New Zealand.

• Mary Lynn Hamilton, professor of curriculum and teaching; spring semester; investigate the current research on teacher effectiveness and teacher quality and their relationship to teachers’ lives; Lawrence.

• Allan F. Hanson, professor of anthropology; fall semester; examine the impact of technology on the cultural construction of the self using case law from American society as a lens; Lawrence.

• Paul Hanson, professor of chemistry; fall semester; work on several grants including the renewal of R01; Lawrence.

• John Harrington, professor of English; spring semester; write the fourth and final volume of a series of books, collectively titled “Dead Mom Scrolls,” a literary work that combines poetry, prose narration, primary documents, dramatic dialogue and pictures; Lawrence.

• E. Bruce Hayes, associate professor of French and Italian; fall semester; conduct research for, and write, two chapters for a book, “Castigating Comedy: Polemical Humor before and during the French Wars of Religion”; Lawrence.

• John Head, Distinguished Professor of Law; fall semester; undertake a project focusing on the international legal regimes that are needed to strike an appropriate balance between the protection of grassland areas and their use for food production; Washington DC; Salina, KS; Lawrence.

• Douglas Huffman, professor of curriculum and teaching, spring semester; initiate a longitudinal study of elementary teachers and their vision of science education, examining the relationship among teachers’ views of science, science instruction, and background in science; Lawrence.

• Kissan Joseph, associate professor of business, spring semester; investigate the science behind decision support systems to aid salesperson price setting, Muenster, Germany.

• Van Kelly, associate professor and chair of French and Italian; spring semester; revise the draft of the book, "Against the Sense of an Ending: Modern French Poet Rene Char and the Effects of his Passage Through World War II." Paris, France; Lawrence.

• Terry Koenig, associate professor of social welfare; fall semester; conduct research on professional ethical decision making and eastern philosophy to more closely examine the impact of complex Central Asian cultural norms and values on the development of social work, social policies, and programs; Astana, Kazakhstan; Lawrence.

• Stephen Leisring, associate professor of music; spring semester; write a method book for trumpet performance and technique specifically for trumpet students and professionals in China; Chengdu, China; Lawrence.

• Mechele Leon, associate professor of theatre; spring semester; conduct research for a new book project: a monograph on the history of French theatre companies, directors, and master acting teachers in the United States, 1917-1968; New York; Paris, France; Lawrence.

• Marie Alice L’Heureux, professor of architecture; academic year; teach town planning history and theory courses at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia and write the introduction to and complete the last chapter of a manuscript-in-progress on Estonia; Tartu, Estonia.

• Todd Little, professor of psychology; spring semester; complete a book on longitudinal data analysis using structural equation modeling techniques; Lawrence.

• Jeremy Martin, associate professor of mathematics; spring semester; conduct joint research on simplicial and cellular spanning trees with Art Duval (University of Texas, El Paso) and Caroline Klivans (University of Chicago); El Paso, Texas; Chicago, Ill.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Lawrence.

• Kirk R. McClure, professor of architecture; fall semester; conduct research on modifications to the Housing Choice Voucher program and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program; Washington, DC.

• Amy McNair, professor of history of art; academic year; complete NEH-funded annotated translation of the Catalogue of the Imperial Painting Collection in the Proclaiming Harmony Era, a 12th-century Chinese text that profiles a legendary lost art collection; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.

• Brent Metz, assistant professor of anthropology; fall semester; complete the writing of a book about the politics of indigeneity based on research and analysis undertaken in Central America from 2003-2008; Central America; Lawrence.

• Devon Abbot Mihesuah, professor of indigenous nations studies; spring semester; write a book manuscript documenting the heretofore unexamined survival strategies of five major tribes: Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Muscogees and Seminoles; in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma, after their removal from the Southeast in the 1830s; Kansas; Oklahoma.

• Sanjay Mishra, associate professor of business; fall semester; study the factors that influence technology commercialization in India, especially in university settings; Kharagpur, India.

• Jackob Moskovitz, associate professor of pharmacology and toxicology; spring semester; conduct research on the role of methionine oxidation of specific proteins on neuronal development and degeneration; Israel.

• Anna Neill, associate professor of English; spring semester; conduct research and write two chapters of a proposed book manuscript studying the link of evolutionary science to literary analysis; Lawrence.

• David Nualart, professor of mathematics; spring semester; conduct research on topics related with the fractional Brownian motion, rough path analysis, and the application of Malliavin Calculus to derive rates of convergence in the central limit theorem; Nancy, France; Lausanne, Switzerland.

• Joseph O’Brien, associate professor of curriculum and teaching; spring semester; research how three high school U.S. history teachers use primary sources to promote their students’ ability to engage in historical thinking and discipline specific literacy; Eastern Kansas.

• Yajaira Padilla, assistant professor of Spanish and Portuguese; fall semester; conduct research on street art by Central American-Americans and write a chapter based on this work for second book-length project about Central Americans in the U.S.; Los Angeles; Lawrence.

• Andrew Peterson, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology; spring semester; incorporate ecological Niche Modeling into public health disease transmission risk mapping and develop a proposal for a book on these new approaches; Brazil.

• Mabel Rice, professor of speech, language and hearing; spring semester; preparation of scientific reports for data collected as part of two ongoing programs of research funded by NIH, investigating behavioral symptoms and genetic underpinnings of Specific Language Impairment; Sydney and Perth, Australia; Lawrence.

• Judith Roitman, professor of mathematics; fall semester; continue work on whether the box product of countably many “nice” spaces such, as compact metrizable, is paracompact; Lawrence.

• John Rury, professor of educational leadership and policy studies; fall semester; conduct a history study of how the process of suburbanization contributed to educational inequality across the greater Kansas City region; Lawrence.

• Paul Schumaker, professor of political science; fall semester; conduct research and draft a book on consensual ideas in pluralist societies; Wisconsin; Lawrence.

• Thomas Skrtic, professor of special education; academic year; conduct research on integrating pragmatism and the capabilities approach to justice and examine race and class discrimination in special education; Lawrence.

• Geraldo de Sousa, professor of English; spring semester; conduct research for an interdisciplinary monograph on Jacobean “city comedies”—a group of plays written by Shakespeare’s principal playwrights satirizing everyday life and socio-economic conditions in early 17th-century London; London, England; Lawrence.

• Rajendra Srivastava, professor of business; fall semester; write a comprehensive research monograph on the Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions that will serve as an important research material for researchers and educators in the field; Fresno, Calif.

• Patrick Suzeau, professor of dance; fall semester; study Odissi style of East Indian classical dance to enhance current research of the choreographic explorations in fusion between Indian classical and western contemporary dance; New Delhi, India.

• James Thorp, senior scientist, Kansas Biological Survey; fall semester; participate as a Fulbright Senior Specialist through the University of New England in Australia in a program focusing on river science education in developing countries; Armidale, Australia; Winona, Minn.; Lawrence.

• Andrew Torrance, associate professor of law; fall semester; study the behavior of inventors, manufacturers and competitors under experimental conditions simulating variety of patent and non-patent systems; MIT, Cambridge, Mass.

• Francisca Velasco, associate professor of visual art; spring semester; create large-scale digital prints and an animation inspired by a book of poems that treats the topic of child sexual abuse; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

• Margot Versteeg, associate professor of Spanish and Portuguese; fall semester; conduct research for a book-length project on the dramatic production of one of Spain’s most prominent female authors, Emilia Pardo Bazán; Spain; Lawrence.

• Joy Ward, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology; fall semester; study ice age trees to gain a better understanding of the physiological and evolutionary changes that occurred in response to limiting carbon dioxide availability in the geologic past; Sydney, Australia; Lawrence.

• Andrea Wertzberger, associate professor of design; spring semester; explore the origins, inspirations, anatomy, optics, geometry and the process of designing a typeface and create materials for an exhibition and a series of lectures; Kansas City, Mo.; Lawrence.

• Nathaniel Wood, assistant professor of history; spring semester; continue researching and writing of book project, “Backwardness and Rushing Forward: Technology and Culture in Poland’s Age of Speed, 1890-1939;” Lawrence.


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