Sept. 20, 1996

"Nature in Wood" exhibit opens Sept. 22 at museum

Visitors to the Natural History Museum can enjoy the beauty of wildlife as captured by two national award-winning wood carvers in "Nature in Wood," a show featuring works by artisans Naomi Cashman and Marlen L. Downing.

The public is invited to the show's opening at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22, in the Dyche Hall auditorium. Cashman and Downing will give a one-hour presentation to talk about their work and demonstrate carving techniques.

Cashman, Topeka, began carving waterfowl in 1983. She has been a consistent winner at national and international wildfowl carving competitions since 1988.

Downing, who carves and sculptures all types of wildfowl, has been a professional artist and sculptor since 1981. He works and teaches carving classes in the Missouri Ozarks.

Although both artists create highly realistic carvings, they finish them using very different techniques.

Cashman paints her carvings with oil paint using fine sable brushes to capture the color and detail of every feather. Downing uses a special blend of stains and dyes that reveals the natural beauty of the wood. The exhibit ends Jan. 10, 1997.

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