August 23, 1996

Surprise patrol chooses Kemper professors

20 KU professors to be recognized

Six faculty members on the Lawrence campus received surprise visits Thursday, Aug. 22, by Chancellor Robert Hemenway. But there was no cause for alarm.

On Thursday, Hemenway, other KU officials and representatives of Commerce Bank dropped in on KU classes to recognize the teaching and advising efforts of the six professors. The honored teachers will receive $5,000 each.

Fellowship recipients surprised on Thursday were

The academic "surprise patrol" also will make surprise awards through Aug. 28 to 10 more KU professors on the Lawrence campus. Four KU Medical Center faculty members will be honored Sept. 3. In all, 20 professors will be recognized and will receive a total of $100,000.

The effort is part of a five-year project, called the W.T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence, to recognize outstanding teachers and advisers at KU. The W.T. Kemper Foundation-Commerce Bank, Trustee, has established a $250,000 fund to help finance the program. The KU Endowment Association provided $250,000 in matching funds.

"The program's goal is to reward and encourage outstanding teaching and advising at KU," said Hemenway. "The professors who are being honored have demonstrated that, above all, the university's most important audience is its students. "

James Kemper, chair of the Kemper Foundation Contribution Committee, said, "The Kemper Foundation and Commerce Bank are delighted to be involved in a project that will help KU retain and attract talented teachers and contribute to the economic well- being of the region." He said that a similar program, begun by the foundation in 1991 at the University of Missouri, had garnered national praise.

A seven-member selection committee, including KU faculty members and students and a KU alumnus, chose the KU Kemper fellows after reviewing nomination letters from faculty and students.

The William T. Kemper Foundation-Commerce Bank, Trustee, was established in 1989 after Mr. Kemper's death. The foundation is dedicated to continuing Mr. Kemper's lifelong interest in improving the human condition and quality of life. The foundation supports Midwest communities and concentrates on initiatives in education, health and human services, civic improvements and the arts.

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