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Mikhail Medvedev, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, presented the invited talk "Physics of Collisionless Shocks in SN and GRBs: Weibel Instability" at the Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Burst Remnants conference Feb. 8 at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Joseph Heppert, chair of the chemistry department, testified Feb. 10 before the National Science Board, which provides policy input to the National Science Foundation. He urged the two entities to "assemble a world-class research effort with the resources necessary to produce real progress in improving K-12 math and science education."

Anna Hines, director of IT fiscal services, presented "Energize Your Work Through More Effective Meetings" during the ACUTA Winter Seminar Jan. 11 in Palm Springs, Calif. Participants learned more about how to hold effective meetings and how KU Information Services used this effort as an organizational development tool.

Dustin Brown, NTS software engineer, will present "RINGS Open Source Device Registration and Security" during three upcoming conferences: The Educause Midwest Conference in Chicago, Ill., on March 14; the ACUTA Spring Conference in Providence, R.I. April 3 through 5; and the Educause Security Professionals Conference in Denver, Colo., on April 11. He will discuss the ResNet Integrated Next Generation Solution (RINGS) system, its use by technicians, management and IT security, and how this model can be extended to an entire campus.