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Australian school honors Val Stella

Feature part of series honoring university's 125th anniversary



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Victorian College of Pharmacy at Monash University in Australia is celebrating its 125th anniversary with 125 stories from its history. One of the stories features Val Stella, distinguished professor of pharmaceutical chemistry. After graduating from the pharmacy school, he earned his doctorate from KU. The story states:

"Professor Stella loves teaching, and through mentoring from the late Professor Takeru Higuchi, became an inventor and entrepreneur," the article said. "He is the inventor or co-inventor of two drugs: fosphenytoin (Cerebyx®) for the treatment of epilepsy, Viread® for the treatment of AIDS and a new solubilising agent, Captisol®, used to dissolve intractable drugs for injectable use. Professor Stella also has a new anesthetic drug, Aquavan®, in clinical trials. Three companies in the Lawrence/Kansas City area, CyDex, Crititech and ProQuest Pharmaceuticals, were co-founded by Professor Stella.

"Professor Stella's success at the university led to the formation of the Intersearch Program. Professor Takeru Higuchi from the University of Kansas and Dr. Nigel Manning, the Dean of the Victorian College of Pharmacy, 1963-1978, established the program which gives the opportunity for an outstanding graduate from either institution to engage in intensive training in research methodology within the Doctor of Philosophy program at either campus."