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Ed Morris, professor and chair of applied behavioral science, presented "A Behavioral Science Without Borders: International Variation and Selection" Nov. 24 at the Association for Behavior Analysis International Meeting in Beijing, China.

Frank Baron, professor of Germanic languages and literatures, and David Smith, associate professor of sociology, worked with Charles Reitz, professor of philosophy at Kansas City Kansas Community College, to edit the book Authority, Culture, and Communication: The Sociology of Ernest Manheim.

Hugh Catts, professor and chair of speech-language-hearing, was elected vice president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, for which he will eventually serve as president.

David Gottlieb, professor of law, took part in a town hall forum focusing on the issue of President Bush's use of domestic phone tapping. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo, hosted the forum Jan. 26 in Kansas City, Mo..

Allan H. Pasco, Hall Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature, recently published the chapter "The Tangible and the Intangible in Balzac's Le Curé (Cure Has An Accent) De Tours." The chapter is included in Currencies: Fiscal Fortunes and Cultural Capital in Nineteenth-Century France, edited by Sarah Capitano, Oxford Press. Pasco also published the article "Process Structure in Balzac's La Rabouilleuse. Nineteenth-Century French Studies Fall-Winter 2005-2006."