Nov. 5, 2004
Vol. 29, No. 6

Ceremony to honor veterans
• Librarian to return as vice provost
H.O.P.E. award finalists selected
Monster on Mass
Capitol Steps to headline Dole political humor series
Student center renamed AAAC
Judicial review
Student housing proposes 2005-06 rate increases
Discount offered on women’s basketball tickets
Medical center names new leadership team
Retirement is end of era at KU
Retiree reception
Faculty members plan sabbaticals

‘Tunnel of Oppression’ to return

KU campaign nearing goal

KU employees of the month recognized
Liberal library
Family gives KU $4M

Showcase features device created at KU
School of Education receives gift

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Faculty members plan sabbaticals

Academic year and fall sabbaticals are online at

KU faculty members are scheduled to take spring sabbatical leaves as approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for 2004-05. The faculty members, sabbatical topics and locations are:

Bruce Baker, teaching and leadership, to evaluate consistency between historical origins, conceptual underpinnings, operational definitions and measurement of educational adequacy (Lawrence).

Michael Bauer, music and dance, to complete first draft of a book titled Arts Ministry: Fostering the Creative Life of God’s People (Lawrence).

Marta Caminero-Santangelo, English, to continue working on an ongoing book project titled Imagining Identity/Seeing Difference: U.S. Latino/a Writing and the Construction of Ethnicity (Lawrence).

David Ekerdt, sociology and gerontology, to continue recent research on older people’s management and disposition of possessions when they move to smaller quarters (Kansas City area; Lawrence; Columbia, Mo.).

Mohamed El Hodiri, economics, to conduct research and produce an essay on structural economics dynamics (Lawrence).

Pamela Gordon, classics, to investigate the representation of non-Greek peoples in the literature and art of classical Athens (Lawrence).

John Gronbeck-Tedesco, theatre and film/CLA&S, to create a set of monologues based on stories gathered from oral and written sources found in communities throughout Kansas (Kansas).

Mary Lynn Hamilton, teaching and leadership, to investigate the current state of knowledge on the issues of teachers’ professional knowledge and its development in relationship to teacher identity (Lawrence).

Tanya Hartman, art, to create a public art project, “Nipped Narrative,” composed of an interactive Web site and an embroidered scroll covered with layers of writings by AIDS patients and to be a resident artist and lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand (Harlem, N.Y.; Johannesburg, South Africa; Lawrence).

John Kelly, ecology and evolutionary biology, to conduct research and write a synthetic overview of modern techniques that can be used to explore how evolutionary forces maintain genetic variation (United States and Britain).

Russell Ostermann, chemical and petroleum engineering, to conduct research on biological degradation of coal and petroleum derivatives and bioreactor design with cell recovery and recycle (University of Stuttgart).

Mabel Rice, speech-language-hearing, to conduct research and writings about the genetics of language impairments in children and EEG methods (Perth, Australia; Baltimore; Lawrence).

David Smith, sociology, to write a journal and small monograph on the relationship between anti-bankers and anti-Semitism specifically in the Middle East and Eastern Europe (Lawrence).

Rajendra Srivastava, business, to develop analytical models under the Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions for decision-making in the domain of assurance services (University of Southern California; University of Sydney).

Partial year

Bradley Schaffner
, university libraries, Aug. 29, 2004, to Jan. 29, 2005, to complete a book-length bibliography covering Russia, Ukraine and the other countries of the former Soviet Union that will provide comprehensive subject access to the contemporary materials available in the region (Lawrence).


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