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May 14, 2004
Vol. 28, No. 16

KU remembers Emily Taylor
Roberts named vice provost for research
Derritt chosen as university registrar
History, economics to be focus of faculty bus tour
Forum honors KU debate, features former winners
Chancellor chat
High-tech history
Clinton to give 1st Dole Lecture
Bush meets with education professor to discuss literacy

2004 employees of the year honored
KU, higher education see positive results from Legislature
Segregation scene
Book shelf
KU First


Alumni earn KU’s highest honor
Professors to receive teaching awards

Outstanding students to carry banners
Grad school ceremony fetes students, faculty
9 graduating seniors win chancellor’s awards
Commencement events
Dinner to thank retiring employees
Graduation glee
Grad students give awards to mentors
Mother, daughter make graduation family affair



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Edith Clowes, professor of Slavic languages and literatures, will have her new book, Fiction’s Overcoat: Russian Literary Culture and the Question of Philosophy, published by Cornell University Press.

Marc L. Greenberg, professor and chair of Slavic languages and literatures, gave an invited talk on “Balto-Slavic Tonogenesis: the Development of the ‘Acute’ Tone” April 2 at the EU-sponsored workshop “Typology of Tone and Intonation” in Cascais, Portugal.

Max Fiskin, professor of microbiology, molecular genetics and immunology, presented “Xanthine Metabolism in Cryptococcus gatti Virulence” in competition for the Thomas C. Walsh Mycology Award at the 14th Focus on Fungus meetings in New Orleans. Fiskin completed the work at the MHC Mycology Laboratories, University of Adelaide, South Australia, in February and March.

The annual Mid-American Regional Astrophysics Conference was held April 16-17 at the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Mo. The following KU faculty presented at the conference: Adrian Melott, professor of physics and astronomy, “Did a Gamma-Ray Burst Cause a Terrestrial Mass Extinction?”; Mikhail Medvedev, professor of physics and astronomy, “Physical Principles of Gamma-Ray Burst Shock Waves”; and Claude Laird, courtesy assistant professor of astronomy and physics, “Stratospheric Ozone and Odd Nitrogen Perturbations by Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts.” These presentations and a talk from Larry Martin constituted a mini-symposium on identifying extraterrestrial causes for mass extinctions. Other presentations were made by: Thomas Cravens, “The Jovian X-Ray Aurora”; Stephen Shawl, “On the Use of a Student Response System and Peer Tutors in Team Learning at the University of Kansas”; Ina Robertson, “X-Ray Emissions from Charge Exchange in the Heliosphere”; and Bruce Twarog, professor of physics and astronomy, “The ULTRA Project: An Ultra-Lightweight Telescope for Research in Astronomy.”

Eric Rath, assistant professor of history, has had his book, The Ethos of Noh: Actors and Their Art, published by the Harvard University Asia Center.

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