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March 19, 2004
Vol. 28, No. 13

Opportunities for Chinese study bring former carpenter to KU
named dean

Obesity program shrinks people, expands in state
KU highlights university impact during Capitol event
KU architecture professor wins award for international work
Employees of the month honored
Washington internships prepare for work, life
History Lesson
‘World Music’ returns

At the top of the hill
Political strategist Carville to lecture
Hover Hawk

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Spam sorter:

To get the most benefit from KU’s new spam filter, faculty, staff and students may autofilter incoming spam-scored e-mails. By doing this, users can be sure spam-scored messages are confined in one location until they are ready to review and read or be deleted. This autofilter option is possible because of the standard language the spam filter adds to the subject line, thus allowing e-mail software programs to recognize many spam messages, regardless of the sender or title.

To take advantage of this new option, a user should create each of the following:

• A folder where the spam will be directed to land, with a name such as “Spam?” or “Possible junk e-mail.”

• A new rule in the user’s e-mail software to direct spam-scored messages into the folder above. Users may enter the following as the language the software should recognize: “[Spam:”.

Users also may autofilter messages directly into the trash, but Academic Computer Services advises against this because legitimate e-mails may be spam-scored as technology staff continue to learn how to manage this new tool. For more details and instructions on activating your software’s spam autofiltering capabilities, visit For more information call the Help Desk at 864-0200.

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