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Latin American program welcomes five

The Center of Latin American Studies this semester welcomed five new faculty members.

Chris Brown, geography and environmental studies, joined KU bringing quite a bit to the table that will make him an invaluable addition to the Latin American community. Brown began his career at KU with an undergraduate degree in biology and a master’s degree in Latin American Studies. He then received his doctoral degree from UCLA, doing his fieldwork in Redonha, Brazil. His dissertation dealt with the sustainable development of small farmers in the Amazon.

Because of his many interests, Brown affiliates with three different programs: geography, environmental studies, and Latin American studies. He will be teaching classes that bring all three areas together, including “Deforestation in Latin America.”

Clarence Henry, music and dance, offers a rich background in African influenced music, African Diaspora, Mexican American music, and Brazilian music.

Henry studied classical music for 10 years in New York at the University of Columbia. While he was there, he decided to study the music of Camdoblé, a religion with African indigenous and Catholic influences. He spent six months in Brazil completing his dissertation. He earned his doctoral degree at UCLA in ethnomusicology with an Afro-Brazilian emphasis. KU brought Henry to the Department of Music to strengthen the discipline where he offers a variety of classes in the fall such as Intro to Jazz, Music History, and Music of Brazil. In two years, KU will be hosting an international conference on the African Diaspora. Henry will be heading that project.

Patricia Manning, Spanish and Portuguese, specializes in the literature and history of the Golden Age of Spain and Latin America, and also has done research on the Spanish Inquisition. Manning comes to KU from Yale where she obtained both her masters and doctoral degrees studying the Spanish Inquisition.

This semester Manning is teaching Spanish 340 and Social Criticism in Age of Absolutism. Next semester she will be teaching Love and Honor in Golden Age Spain. Manning came here for the excellent reputation of the Spanish department. Manning is enjoying her time here at KU and looks forward to continuing her teaching and research.

Brent Metz, Latin American studies, is busy this semester as the Associate Director and Graduate Advisor of the Center of Latin American Studies.

Metz hails from Temple University where he taught Latin American Anthropology. He obtained his master’s degree from the University of Michigan, and his Doctoral degree from State University of New York at Albany. His research deals specifically with political economy and identity in Guatemala. He also taught a class this semester entitled, “Nachos, NAFTA, and Nostalgia: A History of contemporary Mexican / US relations.” Brent says he’s still learning his position as advisor to the graduate students, but is beginning to feel comfortable in the role, and enjoys working with the students.

Caçilda Rêgo, Spanish and Portuguese, joins KU with an enthusiasm and excitement to help expand the Portuguese curriculum. Caçilda received her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research for both degrees dealt with Brazilian media. Her masters thesis concentrated on Brazilian TV, and her dissertation explored Brazilian cinema. This background broadened her scope of interest, from novels to cinema, and from television to literature.

In the future Caçilda hopes there will be an undergraduate minor in Port-uguese. She is very pleased to see KU students’ interest in Portuguese and Brazilian classes thus far. Caçilda was happy to return to KU, where she originally learned English as an undergraduate student.

March 1, 2002
Vol. 26, No. 12

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