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Research grants awarded

The New Faculty General Research Fund Program helps new tenure-track faculty members jump-start their research. To be eligible, a person must be in his or her first 24 months as an untenured faculty member, be in his or her first tenure-track appointment and have completed a terminal degree. The new faculty member also must choose a mentor from his or her department.

Applicants have two options when applying to the program. The first — with a maximum award of $3,500 — is designed to help build a new faculty member’s program of scholarship, creative activity and research. The second is designed to focus on assisting new faculty in their efforts to build a sustainable research program. It offers an award of up to $10,000.

The NFGRF award recipients and their award titles from January 2001 to December 2001 are:
Raif Bennartz, assistant professor of physics and astronomy. Phase 1 Study for a Satellite-based Spectrometer to Retrieve Cloud Properties from Space.

Sondra Beverly, assistant professor of social welfare. The Effects of Financial Education on Savings and Asset Accumulation by Low-Income Individuals.

J. Frederick Devlin, assistant professor of geology. CD Workbook for Training Students in Heterogeneous Reactions in Porous Media.

Frank Farmer, associate professor of English. Developing a Departmental Model for Coordinated Service Learning at KU.

Andrea Follmer Greenhoot, assistant professor of human development and family life. The Effects of Knowledge Acquisition on Children’s Memories.

James E. Grobe, assistant professor of psychology. Smoking Controllability and Moder-ation of Tobacco Effects.

Donald Haider-Markel, assistant professor of political science. Policy Change and Learning in the Culture Wars.

James Michael Hall, assistant professor of music and dance. Adapting, Embellishing and Recording Corelli’s Solo Violin Sonatas for Alto Trombone, Harpsichord and Double Bass.

Scott Harding, assistant professor of social welfare. Community Development and Community Building: Assessing the Impacts on Urban Poverty of Faith-based and Community-building Initiatives.

Helen Hartnett, assistant professor of social welfare. Community Practice: Mapping Assets as an Organizing Strategy.

Matthew Jacobson, assistant professor of theatre and film. Production of a Feature-Length Project using 24-Frame Progressive High-Definition Technology.

Jeremiah James, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science. Distributed System Modeling, Simulation and Debugging.

Marni Kessler, assistant professor of art history. Sheer Material Presence, or the Veil in Late 19th-Century Avant-Garde Painting.

Adrianne Kunkel, assistant professor of communication studies. Distress Re-Vision: Coping Via Sense-Making and Reappraisal in Narratives.

Lars Leon, interlibrary loan librarian. Improved Service to Patrons by Range of Libraries Through the Use of an Info Technology Mechanism to Facilitate Improved Interlibrary Loan Service.

Joan Letendre, assistant professor of social welfare. Leader, Child and Cultural Contributions to Skill Development in Violence Prevention Groups.

Weishi Liu, assistant professor of mathematics. Geometric Singular Peturbation Theory with Turning Points and its Applications.

Stephen P. Lohmeier, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science. Adaptive Cancellation of Surface-return Range Sidelobes in Pulse-compression Radars for Air and Spaceborne Rain Mapping.

Lorin Maletsky, assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Three-Dimensional Dynamic Model of a Simulated Knee Joint.

Helena Malinakova, assistant professor of chemistry. Desymmetrization Approach to Cyclopallated Complexes with a Chiral Metal-Bound Csp3 Carbon: Development of a New Cross-Coupling Reaction.

Adolfo Matamoros, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering. Behavior of Adaptive Composite Beams Under Cyclic Loading.

Elena Papanastasiou, assistant professor of psychology and research in education. The Effects of Computer Anxiety and Item Review on Adaptive Tests: A Comparative Study with a National and International Context.

Gregory Rashke, engineering librarian. Deconstructing the Modern Academic Library: Keys to Success.

Janet Bond Robinson, assistant professor of chemistry. Design Experiments in Technology-Based Assessments in Undergraduate Chemistry: The Impact of Reasoning, Problem Solving and Application of Chemical Knowledge to Real-World Problems.

Tracy Russo, assistant professor of communication studies. Measuring Mediated Presence and Identifying Related Communication Behaviors.

Sean Smith, assistant professor of special education. Instructional Interventions to Promote Access to the General Curriculum for Students with Mental Retardation.

Steven Bradford Smith, assistant professor of teaching and leadership. Transitions: Instructional Technology Acquisition by Teacher Education Students.

Jeffrey Staudinger, assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology. Identification and Characterization of Drug-inducible Genes Using Gene-array and DNA Gene Chip Platforms.

Ric Steele, assistant professor of psychology and human development and family life. Examination of Predictors of Adherence to Antiretroviral medication among children with HIV-infection.

May Tveit, assistant professor of design. Manus Factura/Spinning America.

Jeffrey Urbauer, assistant professor of molecular biosciences. Initial Structural Characterization of Regulatory Proteins of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Involved in Production of Mucoid Exopolysaccharide and Other Virulence Factors.

Tara Welch, assistant professor of classics. The Elegiac Cityscape: Places, Poetics and Politics in Propertius’ Book 4.

Kevin Willmott, assistant professor of theatre and film. Confederate States of America.

Shu Wu, assistant professor of economics. The Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Forward Premium Puzzle in Currency Markets.

March 1, 2002
Vol. 26, No. 12

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