Conflict of interest, time policy
procedures revised

KU will implement new procedures for collecting information for Regents and federal conflicts of interest and time policies. All faculty and unclassified staff must make annual declarations of potential conflicts of interest or time. In July and August, employees will be able to confirm their declaration on the Notification of Appointment form from the Human Resources department.

Unclassified faculty and staff appointed for the fiscal year will receive their notices in July while academic-year faculty will receive their notices in mid-August.

"We are streamlining operations by combining two annual processes," said Provost David Shulenburger. "Once a full disclosure statement is on file, most faculty and staff will merely review the information they have previously submitted and verify that their financial and time commitments have not changed. Of course, whenever there is a change in financial and/or time obligations, individuals will need to keep their file information up-to-date with appropriate supplemental information."

The following changes should be noted:
- Procedure. Appointment notices must be returned to Human Resources. Formerly, notices were returned to the chancellor's office.
- Timing. Individuals will receive their notices in July or August. Each should review the three Conflict of Interest options, check one and return the signed form to human resources. Follow-up for compliance with the conflict of interest policies will be provided as needed

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July 14, 2000
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