Tuition assistance to 106 staff
Deadline for summer semester is April 14

A total of 106 employees at KU have been approved to receive tuition assistance for the spring semester.

To qualify for the tuition assistance program, employees must have worked at KU for at least three years half time or a year full time. A "C" average for undergraduates and a "B" average for graduates is required for continued participation.

To apply, employees must submit an application, transcript of any previous college course, a brief statement explaining how the course will benefit the employee and KU, and a letter of support from a supervisor. The summer semester deadline is 5 p.m. April 14.

Applications are available in 103 Carruth-O'Leary Hall. For more information, contact Lynn George, employement manager at human resources, at 864-7415.

This spring's recipients are:
Prisella Adams, program assistant, engineering administration; Brenda Allison-Tucker, budget analyst, budget management and fiscal services; Patricia M. Argueta, accountant I, university registrar; Mike Auchard, general maintenance and repair technician II, design and construction management; John Augusto, assistant dean, Graduate School; Nancy Baker, data control supervisor, computing services; Patricia Baker, office specialist, ecology and evolutional biology; Thomas Baker, systems specialist, Center for Research on Learning; Theresa Bateson, information technology consultant I, academic computing; Saibal Bhattacharya, assistant scientist, Kansas Geological Survey; Michelle Bird, office manager, linguistics; Christina Blauer, program assistant, Center for Research on Learning; Barbara Bliss, office assistant III, Student Health Services; Linda Bonebrake, secretary II, provost's office; Kimberly Bruns, program assistant, social welfare; David Burge, admissions counselor, admissions and scholarships; Lisa Burnham-Tate, program assistant, economic education; Jan Butin, production specialist, University Press of Kansas;

Teri Chambers, office assistant II, economics; Miaken Clark, coordinator of laboratories, Academic Resource Center; Dorothy Coker, office assistant III, English; Karen Cook, library assistant II, libraries; Molly Coplen, auditor, Internal Audit; Cecil Allen Crim, program assistant, Life Span Institute; Melinda Dick-Lang, office coordinator, business; Sherry Draper, office assistant III, psychology and research in education;

Landra Fair, proposal preparation, Center for Research Inc.; Sonia Farmer, secretary I, CLAS administration; Margretta Farrar-deVries, office assistant III, parking services; Melissa Fast, assistant director, counseling and psychological services; Jennifer Fink, secretary II, international programs; Tara Fitzpatrick, admissions counselor, admissions; Aimee Foppe, educational/information representative II, Student Health Services; Glenda Fowler, office specialist, Independent Study; Charles Gabel, instrument maker, mechanical engineering; Jonathan Glauner, programmer, computing services; Todd Gleason, electrician I, housing maintenance; Katherine Greene, library assistant II, law library;

Jean Hall, research assistant, Center for Research on Learning; Karen Hammond, office specialist, registrar's office; Carla Harris, accounting specialist, comptroller's office; Janet Herbison, recruiting coordinator, Equal Opportunity Office; Marla Jean Herron, assistant registrar, university registrar; Donna Holyman, assistant soccer coach, athletics; Alex Hornbrook, secretary II, Applied English Center; Jane Hoyt, library assistant II, Learning Resource Center; Robert Isaacson, program associate, Center for Research on Learning; Eric Jeppesen, lab safety specialist, Environment Health and Safety; Dorothy Johanning, executive secretary, CLAS administration; Jill Jones, assistant volleyball coach, athletics;

Patti Kidwell, office specialist, student housing; Robert Kinder, microcomputer systems support technician III, education administration; Kathy Lafferty, secretary II, libraries; Shannon La Shell, research assistant, Life Span Institute; Teresa Leahy, office assistant IV, physics and astronomy; Monica Lemmons, office specialist, Institute for Public Policy and Business Research; Wanda Lowe, office specialist, HDFL; Mon Yin Lung, librarian II, law library;

Deborah Maloney, accounts payable associate, Center for Research Inc.; Geneva McCrory, programmer, computing services; Sherry Michael, accountant II, graduate school; Dean Mielke, project manager, design and construction management; Tom Moroney, installation/service technician II, Networking and Telecommunications Services; Maud Morris, office assistant IV, art history; Kris Moyer, office specialist, Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center; Alan Nelson, custodial specialist, facilities operations; Mark Nesbitt-Daly, assistant director, honors program; Brian Newberry, program assistant, special education; Cherrie Noble, program assistant, libraries;

Karen Ohnesorge, support service coordinator, supportive educational service; Bruce Oliver, senior programmer, computing services; Lori Phillips, secretary II, international student services; Loretta Porter, keyboard operator III, college word processing; Kris Prather, office assistant III, parking services; Susie Pryor, research analyst, Institutional Research and Planning; Walter Racker IV, procurement officer II, purchasing office; Steven Ramirez, assistant director, Equal Opportunity Office; Leslie Reynard, program assistant, business; Susann Richardson, program assistant, provost's office; Beth Ridenour, contracts specialist, Center for Research Inc.; Cindy Roberts, office specialist, Life Span Institute; Teresa Rockhold, program assistant, American studies; Robert Rodriguez, program assistant, education administration; Jon Rossillon, hazardous materials manager, Environment Health and Safety;

Trina Schartz, program assistant, Services for Students with Disabilities; Mary Kay Schmelzle, recruiting secretary, athletics; Chester Schmitendorf, office assistant III, Student Health Services; Heather Schunk, disabilities specialist, Services for Students with Disabilities; Jo Ann Shorter, office specialist, International Student Services; Amber Smith, information specialist I, Kansas Geological Survey; Celeste Smith, secretary I, Counseling and Psychiatric Services; Carol Sparks, contracts assistant, Center for Research Inc.; Kenneth Squires, facilities maintenance supervisor, student housing; Scott Strawn, complex director, student housing; Vera Stroup, program assistant, Life Span Institute; Jean Thoma, secretary, athletics; Betty Thompson, office specialist, engineering management; Julie Tollefson, program assistant, Center for Research on Learning;

Elizabeth Van Luchene, auditor, Internal Audit; Kathie Vansaun, program assistant, HDFL; Keith Visocsky, building system technician, student housing; Cynthia Walker, manager sponsored programs, Center for Research Inc.; Amy Wierman, office supervisor, engineering administration; Laure Wiethoff, research assistant, Life Span Institute; JoAnn Williams, senior principal analyst, Institutional Research and Planning; Karlawayne Williams, accountant I, education; Tammie Zordel, secretary II, psychology.


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February 25, 2000
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